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Legal Online Casino Gaming

Although online casino gaming has been available to those in the US for many years, it was not completely legal. The gaming sites that existed before legalization in certain states were based in offshore locations and operated outside of the laws of the US. About 2-3 years ago, the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey legalized online gambling in some form or another. Let's take a look at what's offered and how it compares to the old, offshore counterparts.

There are 3 states which have legalized online gambling but they have legalized different aspects of gambling. The state of Nevada has legalized online poker but online casino games are still not accessible for those in the state. Of course, the offshore online casino game sites are available on the internet, only poker is licensed in the state. Both Delaware and New Jersey offer both online poker and online casino games. Because New Jersey is a much bigger (in terms of population), online poker is bigger too.

In terms of casino games offered, the new legal casino and the old offshore casinos are similar. Both offered web based and software based casino platforms and all the traditional casino games. They both offer casino games and slot jackpots beyond that too. The difference is that the legal online casinos are backed by the largest online casinos and software companies whereas the offshore ones are not. It's quickly showing that the offshore casinos can't keep up with the technology and innovation of the large online casinos and the technology companies they've partnered with.

With online casinos you also get online casino bonuses. Both offshore and legal online casinos in New Jersey are able to offer their players free cash money to reward players for signing up and making a deposit. Again, what is offered is similar but legal online casinos in New Jersey are able to beat any competition. They offer their players bonuses tied to the real, land-based casinos and trips around the country and the world. Players are also guaranteed their winnings because the legal online casinos are backed by some of the largest casinos in the world. Offshore casinos can disappear with your money at any time and there's not much anybody can do about it. There are so many bonuses and types of bonuses available in legal New Jersey casinos. Get the a Legal online casino bonus code and maximize how much free cash you can get as a new player. After that, check the promotions page often for more and even more lucrative offers.

Although during the early years, legal and offshore online casinos were similar in what they offered for games and bonuses, the legal online casinos are quickly moving past their not legal offshore counterparts. The games in the software suits are getting better at a much faster pace and overall what's offered to players in New Jersey beats anywhere else.